Before and After the Earthquake

Posted by beforeandafterwp on April 11, 2012 – 8:28 pm

Before and After the Earthquake

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  1. 1. Deepak Said:

    ye neeche wala carousal shayad se ulti direction mai move karta hai arrow par click karne par.

  2. 2. beforeandafterwp Said:

    haan.. but i think that is intentional :-?

  3. 3. Nishant Pandey Said:

    hey monica.. really nice webcomic… i think some ppl might even relate to if the first f animates to w and the second f to t ;) …when their day just whizzes by..
    cheerz..keep up the good work….

  4. 4. beforeandafterwp Said:

    :D Hehe yeah that would be very relevant to many many people :D

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